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Join Us - Help Create Great Entertainment and Enjoy the Experience

Members of LGP all like to have fun - and it's all FREE! However, a good performance is much more enjoyable and rewarding than a mediocre one and we always want to give our audiences a high quality evening out!

We generally start to rehearse about 12 weeks before the performance date (after a couple of weeks of play readings and casting). Then we gather on Sunday and Monday evenings in our members' lounges or the village hall to rehearse.

Then starts the process of learning the lines - without knowing the lines backwards you simply can’t begin to interpret the characters. The director helps plot the moves and lead character interpretations (with plenty of input from the cast members, who are not shrinking violets) and gently (mostly!) nudges the team towards producing a good performance.

Extra rehearsals are called to work on particular parts of the play and in the last week of rehearsals, we rehearse every night, running through the whole play. By now the director will no longer be gentle and will be shouting, gasping, moaning and generally carrying on about our shortcomings.

From the beginning, LGP has been fortunate to have members who really know what they're doing! Quite a few of those who design and rig our lighting and sound are professionals, but if you have little or no experience but feel you would like to try something new, whether back stage, front of house, on the technical balcony or on the stage, then come along and join in. You will find skills you didn't know you had!

If we are performing in the village hall, the final weekend of rehearsals also involves building the stage and the scenery, putting up lights and sound equipment and designing a table plan for the audience at the dinner theatres. Our stage is built from the old recycled village hall tables, with very large boards on top to provide the floor. Huge drapes provide the walls for the stage and scenery is sometimes made to provide doors and windows. All this is completed in one morning!!

You can see, therefore, that learning the lines is a small part of getting to that first night.

So come and join us - email to find out the latest.